Never stop chasing your dreams.

Our mentor told us to make a dream board and keep it in a place where we can visualize it daily. So today I am dreaming big and writing down my goals. Of course I went on Pinterest and created a “Trottier Dream Board” for our family. I dreamt big. Things we want and things to strive for. Things that make us happy. Materialistic things and some not. These may not seem big to anyone else but mean a lot to us. I think putting it out there and seeing it all the time is a constant reminder to us about why we do what we do and to make our dreams & goals a reality. So here are just some of my dreams and goals for myself, the family and business.
* Build a log home
* Get published in Wed Well Magazine
* Attend Bliss & Bokeh retreat & other inspiring photography conferences
* Photograph more on film
* Photograph a wedding in Italy & bring my family
* Photograph more weddings out west- Colorado, Wyoming, Nevada
* Live simply. I want a lot but need little
* Travel with the family RV style
* Photograph a wedding in Hawaii and Australia
* Hook up with a event planner and do more styled shoots
* Use my photographic skills more with gift giving for family & friends
* Have Joe work less
* Live debt free
* Photograph 20-30 weddings
* Build a studio cabin
* Pay off student loans
* Run a half marathon with Hailey
* Create annual trips with family and close friends
dreams copy
So what are your dreams? Dream Big today. Because you can. Remember no one can take your dreams and goals away from you and you can only make them come true. Others can want them for you but you have to put in the work to really create them.
Try these simple steps that our mentors told us.
1. Dream board. Use magazine clippings, Pinterest or save images on your phone gather images, quotes or objects you want. Create a visual board that you can see daily or weekly. Whatever works for you but have access to it all the time and keep adding to it. It’s fun believe me! I keep adding!
2. Surround yourself by people who you want to be like. If you keep hanging out with that “Debbie-Downer” or “Negative-Nancy” you are only going to become a product of your environment.
3. Make change. This may be scary at first to some but do yourself one favor, step out of your comfort zone and try it.  It could be something small and doesn’t have to be big, but make it a change from the norm. If you keep doing the same thing day in and day out how will you make those dreams and goals come true? We live in a world where people think that its the “right thing” to do work 8-5 Monday through Friday and hate their job but do it because they have to pay the bills and put food on the table. And I get that. But if you can make change for the better wouldn’t it be worth a try?
4. Stop living through other peoples dreams and live through your own. Stop comparing yourself with others and start doing.
I know these are just tiny stepping stones but for us these few tips are starting to create a lifestyle that we want to be in and are heading into. In between this roller coaster ride you are going to have ups and downs but hold on because this ride of life is not over yet. It has just begun. 🙂

New website is live!

This has been a work in progress for the past year now. I wanted a brand that reflected who I am and what I do.  I was sick of buying numerous templates and trying to create something from ideas and inspiration I had in my head, when really I didn’t know what the heck I was doing. I set out and hired the one and only Miss Kara from Kara Layne & Co. to do the job. If you are looking for someone who is creative and seeking a new brand, Kara is your girl!! She embraces  who you really are and the journey of branding with her was amazing not to mention this gal was sooo patient with me. 😉 I am looking forward to watching her brand take off like no other.
Kara has created and reserved a collective brand that not only suits me but is me, a touch of simple, personal and  a bit of sparkle.
C’mon every girl likes some sparkle now!! When we first got the ball rolling with our design we started with the logo. We held on to Stacey M Photography which is obviously the name and brand everyone knows me as. I was Stacey M to all my kiddos at all my lifestyle sessions so when Kara approached me with the idea of using just my name I must say I was hesitant at first! I knew I had to step out of my comfort zone and just go with the flow, I mean she is the designer, right?  To say the least I absolutely love it now. So now you are going to see Stacey Trottier instead of Stacey M Photography! Kind of scary hehe, but this will all be a slllloooww transition. Don’t worry for all new clients inquiring I am the same photog/person, just using my married name!
Another big change we made with the brand was creating a blogsite. In the past I had two sites- a website and a blog where I  post about my lifestyles, weddings and life in between. To me it just made more sense to have it all in one place and that is exactly what Kara did for me. Not only have we created a blogsite but more exciting we are now mobile!! Yes, you can view the site just as it is in the palms of your hands or on any tablet.

I’m truly excited to share with you so much more of what I have been working on behind the scenes of the NEW Stacey Trottier brand. I want my clients to have an experience while investing in my brand. Be on the look out for more up & coming changes I have made with Stacey Trottier. While everything is still new and getting settled in there elements I will be releasing new products and upcoming changes slowly here on the blogsite. For now, let’s Cheers to many more champagne toasts and embracing the NEW Stacey Trottier.

Cheers & Happy Saturday!