Kate & Dave- A Gouveia Vineyard Engagement

Kate & Dave were so fun to work with for their session. Kate, from The Lipstick Blonde, came to the vineyard with lots of inspiration and a fashion vision for her session. We had a beautiful night at Gouveia Vineyard. Not too many people there and can we talk about the light we had that night!! See for yourselves below.
It was such an honor to be part of capturing their engagement! You two are a match made in heaven and compliment each other so well.  Maybe if I’m really lucky they will sneak me in their luggage for their destination wedding!! 🙂 (I working on it people!!!) We love to travel for our couples.
Happy Tuesday everyone! Cheers.

Wedding day tips for couples.

I never really planned my own wedding. Joe and I escaped to a local vineyard by ourselves and vowed to one another. Although, we do talk about having a wedding one day now that we are back stateside with our closest family and friends. I think about what I would do for my wedding and what I find helpful for each of my couples during wedding planning.
There is so much that goes into planning a wedding. Meeting with vendors, timelines, dress fittings, details, tastings, wedding party and dare we talk about the invitation list. As most of us ladies do we result to Pinterest in helping us plan our dream wedding. I have gathered some helpful tips from Pinterest on to-dos and diy tips that I thought would be fun and helpful for my couples.
1. Have a unplugged wedding. There have been sooo many times where I photograph a ceremony and everyone has their iPhones out and now even their iPads waving them in the air to take pictures and videos. It does not help the photographer when capturing the bride walk down the aisle while Auntie Nancy has her hot pink leopard iPad case standing and leaning in the middle of the aisle. We are the paid professional to be there for the couple to capture their wedding day just as it is. I understand that we all want to capture that moment than share on social media. I get that. Wouldn’t it be so much more meaningful to take the ceremony in with your heart and ears and leave it to the professional to capture those moments for the couple?
2. Guest list. I think this is probably one of the hardest tasks to narrow down. Without causing drama or hurting anyone’s feelings. How do you cut down your guest list as best you see fit? Do you really have to invite everyone on your contact list, co workers, long-lost cousins you haven’t seen in years, fb friends?
3. Wedding app. These are becoming more and more popular now. So easy to use and customizable for each couple. You can put all your details regarding your event, times, locations, flight info, contacts, registries, images from your engagement session and share your love story. This wedding app is from grey likes weddings.
4. Emergency Kit for Bride. To add to this I would highly suggest water and fruit when you are getting ready. Staying hydrated before you start poppin’ that bubbly is always a good idea. I had one bride get sick on her wedding day due to dehydration. Not fun.
5. Give direction with a photograph. If you are OCD like me and like things a certain way don’t feel bad to take a photograph and display how you would like your setting to be. This always helps coordinators to set everything up just the way you dreamt it.
6. DIY projects and small boutiques. There are so many DIY projects that can help save you money instead of paying someone to do it.  Look on Pinterest for DIY tutorials. You can find anything. I am all about supporting small businesses. Here are a few of my favs Ily Couture, Pressed Cotton, they carry everything from center pieces, to gift bags, his gifts and newlywed gifts and Etsy, of course.
7. Creating a timeline. The last thing you want to feel on your wedding day is rushed. There already is a lot going on and you put so much time into planning. You should feel as calm and collective as can be. I try to help out my brides with an effective timeline when planning their day. Leave enough time when getting ready to sit down with your feet up for a minute, perhaps write a note to your hubby before the ceremony. 😉  I also encourage to leave plenty of time for formal portraits.  Either do a First Look before the ceremony with all the wedding party formals and family portraits or leave some extra time following the ceremony. I want my couples to go mingle with their guests during cocktail hour. To take that time to say their thanks you during that time rather than at the reception. But also want to make sure we get those formalities complete.  I found this on the A Practical Wedding Blog.  Good read and she also has spread sheets to help keep you organized.
8. Charity wedding favors. Instead of spending money on guest favors donate money to a charitable cause. We all love those cute chocolates boxes wrapped in the perfectly tied bows but donating to a cause that has meaning is way more gracious that those chocolates. You will feel so much better being able to help out a cause then spending money on favors that people are going to throw away in the end. Let’s face it.
9. Grooms attire. I also freelance when I do not have a wedding of my own to photograph and I get the job of telling the grooms side of the story on the wedding day. Usually the guys have no idea how to tie a tie or how to properly put on those cuff links or pin their boutonniere so I kindly help them. I suggest to buy a suit that feels good to you. Something you will wear again. If you are not a suit kind of guy rock out those dark Levi jeans with a dress jacket and a bow tie. Yes my friend you can do that. If you feel good, you will look good. Here are some unspoken suit rules men should know.
suitrules10. Bridal Gown. This is your day to shine. Finding the right gown might take time or it might be the first one you try on.  You might have a vision of what you are looking for then try it on and its doesn’t do anything for you. Bringing a support team with you when trying on your gown is essential and can help find THE gown without you even knowing it. Here are a few tips by Lauren Conrad on picking out THE dress.
11. Vintage photo booth. I don’t need to say much for this. Guests will love to have fun with this. VW Photo Booth Bus (Chloe) by Photobooth Planet – New England
I hope this helps and please feel free to share any of your weddings tips below in the comment box.
Cheers and Happy Thursday!